Remapping Firenze

One of my all time favourite blog is we make money not art. If someone is not aware of it, then it visit art galleries, listen to conferences, cover art and design events, take a lot of pictures, interview creative people and document it and share with us.

As always, i am very much interested in gestural interaction and physical computing i saw one art istallation called “remapping firenze”. There are two industrial treadmills in front of a huge screen display renderings of a deserted Florence.

The 3D images are put into motion by the physical effort made by the viewer(s)/runner(s)/performer(s). Sensors placed in the handle bar detect movements, and allow the viewer to determine which direction should be followed and what will be the intensity of the images traversed.

This is somewhat similar like de Nijs’ famous installation Run, Motherfucker Run.

The runner can only hear the field recordings when navigating slowly through the geometry of the streets and buildings. When they accelerate, contact with human voices and noises is lost. Which touches upon one of the most impressive characteristics of Remapping Firenze: running and slowing down/stopping on the treadmill provides the public with a totally different perspective.While you adopt a gentle walking pace, the city looks real and recognizable in all its touristic cliches and beauty.

courtesy : we make money not art


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