A pen that never forgets

I have always thought and had an idea, why not my pen remember what i write, or can it suggest me spell check even if  i write of normal paper!!

Though not with the same feature set, but with a different approach, Livescribe – a start up from Oakland, Calif has made smart pen that can record lectures & audio for further reference.

“The pens perform an interesting trick: when students write in their notebooks, the pen records audio of whatever is going on around it and links the audio to the handwritten words. If her written notes are inadequate, she can tap the pen on a sentence or word, and the pen plays what the teacher was saying at that precise point”

Though there are few points that makes this pen a bit tricky

  • It can not write & record on a normal paper, it requires specific kind of sheet
  • Students might get afraid using this pen, because it also records the surrounding and “students’ talk” – so private talks might not happen often 🙂
  • this pen size is as big as a cigar, now question is how do you hold it!!

I think it is really a great starting point. As technology improves, it may get smarter 🙂

Cheers students!!


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