Overcoming De-motivation! My learning through simple, doable steps

Every one of us experience various events in life (professionally, personally or otherwise) that leads to a moderate to extreme demotivated state and/or confused state of mind. This is often experienced in professional career where we are demotivated to be novel, innovative and to be able to perform at our best.

This article is more of a personal experience to overcome (or to reduce at a large extent) the state of demotivation or confused state of mind. I am not a motivational speaker or someone who is expert in this domain, however I thought of sharing basic yet useful steps which helped me could help someone else get recharged again.

First of all, being demotivated and/or being in confused state of mind is a much needed state and good for individual’s overall growth. This demonstrates your realization of something being wrong or something demanding a change. This, in itself is a right track to progress. Often, people are not even aware that there is something wrong, which leads to even more dangerous consequences in future.

Here are few steps which I tried, and it did help me. I hope this help to others too.

Sleep, 5-10 minutes every one hour

I mean to “reflect” for few minutes every one hour. In office, get up every hour for few minutes – sit on a couch and close eyes. Even if it does not reflect anything, it calms you down. After 3-4 such events, you mind will automatically start reflecting on what you have done and how to improve upon it. Eventually it will improve your performance

Reflect for few minutes every hour


Eat less

Don’t starve, but eat few bites less. This makes you feel lighter which keeps you refreshed and energized through the day. Of course eating healthy food is even better. If possible, ensure effective cleansing of your stomach every day to have better results.

Eat (few bites less) everyday


Redesign your offline/online desktop

You spend maximum time at your desk, both, online and offline. Redesign it. Change your computer desktop background or physical desk with keywords that matter to you most. This will constantly remind you to focus things which need greater attention, especially when you are de-focused.

A part of my physical desk


Minimum applications, windows and browser-tabs

Cut down on the redundant applications, windows and browser-tabs in your computer while working. They are not just chaotic, but also persuade you to choose an unwanted window – which results in de-focused behavior, little progress and finally leads you to a demotivated state.



Sit straight, at least try to do as much time as possible

Leave the ergonomics or health aside, sitting with a curved back or partially lying on the chair makes you think in lazy manner and eventually weaken your progress. Sitting straight will feel good and keep you mentally alive for a longer time.



Wash your face every 3-4 hours

Forget about good looks and clean skin, it will really open your eyes (in a literal manner) and freshen you up. This will extend your focus and attention to a large extent.



Do not gossip, about anything

Although this is applicable throughout, but even more important when you are seeking motivation. Gossiping (about any topic, including personal, professional, Bollywood etc.) can lead to negativity which results in worsen states of confusion and de-motivation. Moreover, no non-sense nature also helps build your credibility in an organization.

The best thing to do is to find someone who talks about ideas/approaches/innovation – they will cheer you up and bring the motivation you are seeking for.

No gossips please!!


Permanently switch-off all notifications

Go to settings >> select notifications >> select all and switch-off all notifications. I chose to keep calls and messages switched ON. Switching OFF the notifications results in less diversion to different applications, which often persuade you to divert when showcased on-screen. But when notifications are OFF, you have to think to choose any one of the hundred apps in your phone – and who the hell has that much time!!

“Notifications” are the most distracting elements in today’s world


Not always an easy one, but run/walk for 20 minutes every day at different time

Not with a goal to be thin or look good, but with an aim to feel good. Keep the aim in your mind, you will feel it. It gives you YOUR space, think (which we often miss) and energize you. Do it anytime you feel like – no time restrictions. Feel demotivated, confused or tired – simply walk for some time.


I hope someone, somewhere can gain something out of this.

By the way, I shifted to my gmail 4 times while writing this article – I got to improve bouy!!


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