A pen that never forgets

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I have always thought and had an idea, why not my pen remember what i write, or can it suggest me spell check even if  i write of normal paper!!

Though not with the same feature set, but with a different approach, Livescribe – a start up from Oakland, Calif has made smart pen that can record lectures & audio for further reference.

“The pens perform an interesting trick: when students write in their notebooks, the pen records audio of whatever is going on around it and links the audio to the handwritten words. If her written notes are inadequate, she can tap the pen on a sentence or word, and the pen plays what the teacher was saying at that precise point”

Though there are few points that makes this pen a bit tricky

  • It can not write & record on a normal paper, it requires specific kind of sheet
  • Students might get afraid using this pen, because it also records the surrounding and “students’ talk” – so private talks might not happen often 🙂
  • this pen size is as big as a cigar, now question is how do you hold it!!

I think it is really a great starting point. As technology improves, it may get smarter 🙂

Cheers students!!

matt webb at reboot

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I like work done by Schulze & Web, a design consultancy by Jack Schulze & Matt Web in London. I saw his presentation on their website few days back, but today i saw the video on core77. The presentation was focused on “Scope – Design and contributing to culture; ourselves as individuals and the big picture; taking action”

I tried uploading the video here, but unfortunately it shows some error, but you can view the video here.

A cheery on the ice cream, Bruce Steerling also presented there and you can view the video together with Matt’s video.

the alloy!!

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the alloy looks at different concept of navigating through several application in a single mobile phone. Today we use number of application on our mobile phones, like games, GPS, sms, call etc. The question is how a mobile device can become more intuitive to help users understand to navigate through the application.

” Ultimately the target audience for the user interface is anyone who wants to use their mobile phone to do more in a more intuitive and user friendly way than allowed before. It is a phone that allows for older eyes and clumsier fingers as much as for the younger touch screen savvy generation. In this respect the 01 User Interface has significant cross over value and broad appeal that could be applied within any multi functioned mobile handset or multi media device ”


mozilla labs design challenge!!

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In collaboration with IXDA & Johnny Holland, Mozilla labs is encouraging a design challenge focused on “reinventing tabs in the browser – how can we create, navigate & manage multiple websites within the same browser instance”


“Tabs worked well on slow machines on a thin Internet, where ten browser sessions were “many browser sessions”. Today, 20+ parallel sessions are quite common; the browser is more of an operating system than a data display application; we use it to manage the web as a shared hard drive. However, if you have more than seven or eight tabs open they become pretty much useless. And tabs don’t work well if you use them with heterogeneous information. They’re a good solution to keep the screen tidy for the moment. And that’s just what they should continue doing.”

Interestingly they have a discussion forum where designs can be discussed & designers can also get feedback of the designs.

what fun for Interaction Designers?

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What actually we do for fun? listen to music, do lot of internet surfing, chat with friends, chill out, parties and the list goes on. Sometime i spend a lot of time on youtube to see some funny videos, look if something new has come in IXD and watch movies (yes, on youtube you get lot of bollywood full movies 🙂 )


One of my friend Aditi, just mentioned about a software called “scribller”. Draw something, publish it and see the result. It scribles different colors with different storke width and more.

Thanks Aditi. 🙂


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Recently i did a contextual inquiry in some rural areas of India, focusing on mobile phone usage of farmers, truck drivers and temp. help people like cook, carpenter etc.

Though not suppose to disclose everything, but sharing some interesting insights which i found during studies (specially in terms of phone book). Interesting different ways of saving contact numbers, different way of writing names, educational influence on writing name etc.

As above image, there are two different ways of saving contact numbers. Both of them are truck drivers. Both users do not save numbers by the name of a person, but uses truck number to save contact. In first image, it shows GJ.15.H.5573 and other image shows 2855 which is again a truck number. By looking at both numbers, first user looks more advanced, but the case is different here. The first user is illiterate and other people save his contact numbers which results in a sophisticated way of saving numbers, while other user saves contact numbers by himself.

Here, the first Image shows number saved as A7 (A=name of his girlfriend, 7=7). He is married person and to hide his girl friend from his wife, he writes her name as A7. He also uses A7 as a code, so if his girl friend calls him, girl friend will speak A7 and if reply comes as A7 then only conversation will start. In other image, user saves her first number as “A” as she calls someone when her mobile is in her pocket. There is no number in “A”, so she does not waste money and bother anyone by unnecessary call.

Here there is another interesting insight we got about using different language on the phone. Here, the user is illiterate and does not know to save contact number, so his friends and some educated people in his circle save contact numbers for him. The first number is of “Priya”, written in Hindi and another number is a combination of some weird combination of english letters which are “Wjlpga.di.nm.agp”. He does not know who’s number is this and also confirms that none other person has saved this number, but it is saved in his phonebook. According to him, it is saved by mistake, but stange thing is, the numbers are 10, which is exact. According to user, this is very uncomfortable when searching for some number, but does not know to delete. So, the question is, can not we make such system which recognizes that the number is saved by mistake, just a thought though !!

The above image is of a phonebook of one illiterate user, which shows all those numbers as saved numbers without any name. He does not know how it came in his phone book. He also didnt know that these numbers are in his phonebook, when i showed he recognized about it.

In addition to mobile phonebook, studies also included to looked into physical dairy/phonebook. This user uses a mobile phone since 10 years and lives in a small village of 2000 population. It is interesting to know that people use physical diary for several very interesting tasks. In above image, on the left page, user has written his relatives birth date as 10,12,62. Lets have a look further.

Here, user wanted to give importance to the “sureshbhai”, the number he has written. He wrote his name while he was on the phone, so wrote is horizontally and with sketch pen with big letters.

User is farmer, uses his dairy to make an estimate of mangoes he will grow the particular year (in tonnes). The number here shown (like 10,1,3,6 etc) shows the estimated tonnes of that particular brand of mango (estimated for one year)

Similar way, user made a new house few years back, he used his phone dairy to keep a record of “sand” he ordered to make his house.

User found full form of “friends” which he liked. He used the same dairy for noting down the full form. It is interesting to know that user has used the same dairy for several purpose. Interesting no??

Now it is no more illiterate or semi literate people. In the first image, user is graduate. She saves her number by putting “/” instead of using space between first and last name. She believes that the space in small screen phones are negligible, while using “/” increases the visibility between first and last name. Other image shows user using butterfly icon for one particular contact. Asking the reason, the insight came out is, he pleases other person by putting butterfly icon for that particular person.

Comments Please !!

design your next shoes..

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Designing your own next shoes. 🙂 While looking at we make money not art  there was small flash animation happening about designing your own shoes. I had a small visit, and see how it is..

It includes lots of tools like liter, different sizes of markers, sprays, colors, tap, putting your own images, texts, letter and also some design templates. Have a look 🙂

create your own fonts

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I just came across a website called fontstruct.com, where you can create your own fonts, download it and use it. Hows that??

I would say it is my favorite pass time as i get relaxed and i get to do something creative. I am done with my alphabets but not with the numbers. 

Hows thats??


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