Grocery shopping at Public transit

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Imagine how technology is transforming lives and our comfort level. A recent launch from Tesco (Homeplus in Korea), where grocery shopping made easy through a QR code based smart phone application, allowing people to buy grocery items on the transit path.

I was wondering, what if technology is involved in all tasks around us to make it easy, would that be interesting or will we consider it as technology invading our lives? An interesting debate, isn’t it?

arduino the documentary

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One of the wonderful prototyping tool name arduino has now a documentary on its name. It is interesting to see arduino’s progress, world wide usage by varied professions and people and for sure, its spoofs 🙂 Just to infrom, arduino’s actual work started in 2005 in Interaction Design Institute Ivrea by a bunch of people (you will get introduced to them in this video). Arduino is widely used for making sensor based applications, installations and prototyping. Hope to see more and more success from arduino

Here is the link:

Mother of all demo

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It is always worth watching Doug Engelbart and his works. Recently i came across his video called “the mother of all demo” explaining the process for of his mouse invention and work. It is always interesting to see and understand the process instead of looking at the final product. Worth watching

google wave.. name seems familiar

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Do you remember “google wave”, it seems familiar. Somewhere, sometime back, google came up with a very hyped social networking cum real time chatting cum integrated maps cum many more, name “google wave”.

I do not deny the incredible technology they have come up with, but feels like they missed somewhere in designing the service around it. I am sure, google must be planning something for it. Cheers!!

Indian tablet PC to take on apple ipad

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Great to see IIT Kharagpur students coming up with a new yet unrevealed tablet PC to take on apple’s ipad. Named “Adam PC” is developed by ex students of IIT Kharagpur, Rohan Shravan,(co-founder) Rohit Rathi, (co-founder) Sachin Ralhan (co-founder), Mohit Gupta, Anirudh Gupta, Rajat Sahni, Devanshu Agrawal.

Though all features and design is not yet revealed, but it has mentioned ”

This tablet PC which has 10.1 inches of Transflective LCD Pixel Qi screen, works with Dual core ARM Cortex A9 central processing unit, Nvidia Tegra 2 chipset and Google Android Operating System. Its screen modifies as soon as we take it out in the sunshine and shows multi touch facility. It changes to black and white screen as like that of an e-reader screen. Along with 3 Mega Pixel Auto focus camera, this product has Firefox, Google chrome browsers for internet browsing.

This tablet PC has features like dual display, 3G, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, RF Ambient Light Sensor, AGPS, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, touch pad, SD card slot and other. Adam tablet PC supports Adobe flash 10.1 also. It works in Backlight of mode for 160 hours with 16 hours of battery backup”

It is launching in 2012.

Great going guys!!

envisioning 2020

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Last year, Forbes and Frog design jointly worked on a project of envisioning future in 2020. Here i am showcasing some concept that have created.

Shopping on the go!! In the future we won’t need big retail stores with aisles of objects on display. We’ll be able to shop out in the world. Do you like that new car you saw drive by? Or those cool shoes on the woman sitting across the room? All you’ll have to do is look at it and your mobile handset or AR-equipped eyeglasses will identify the object and look up the best price and retailer.

Bodynet!! Like Google for our bodies, future technologies will allow us to monitor our body’s vital conditions and compute the outcome of our actions on-the-fly. So you’ll know right away what it’s going to take to work off that Burger and Coke.

Whuffie meter!! Curious about the future of social networking? Whuffie is a conceptual social Metric based on what others think of you. Socializing will take on completely new dimensions when we can see everything public about a person right as we are talking with them. Think dating is difficult today? Imagine the hoops we’ll have to jump through when everyone in the bar can see your complete dating history the minute you walk into the room.

Now specially for the last one: Aren’t we getting too much into someone’s personal life. One of the fundamental of Ubicomp says, “technology should not overcome user”. But here it seems it does, no??

future play!!

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IDEO’s new concept video on future play is interesting. Some of the scenarios mentioned in the video are worth considering from energy conservation point of view. This video basically focuses on tomorrow’s energy usage and how people will actually use them in their daily lives.

new way of navigating through GPS and Google Maps

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Recently i had a discussion with one student on her project related to maps for travelers. We had thought of an idea of having panoramic view of the street instead of using conventional maps. If we see Indian scenario, then very few people use maps, instead they would prefer asking some one about the place. Perhaps a new way of navigation could encourage them to use that application. As an extension of that discussion, we came across Google Redefines GPS Navigation Landscape: Google Maps Navigation For Android 2.0 which i feel has some interesting features. The most interesting i found is, street navigation through street view only, instead of conventional maps view. I feel, looking at the actual street view will encourage users to use this application, because people can relate it very well. There are other features also, which can be viewed here in the video.

tag yourself – photobooth

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As a part of mediamatic RFID hackers camp, RFID photobooth was created during Picnic conference. The photo booth team consisted of Timo Arnall, Anne Helmond, Jorn Knutsen and Einar Sneve Martinussen. The idea was to create something that brought people together both in a physical activity and in an online social network.

“A photo booth that encourages people to take photos of themselves with others. By waving multiple tags over a touchpoint inside the booth, a photo is taken, a connection is made and pictures are added to the Picnic website”


A large white box was constructed, with a picnic-themed grassy interior that allowed up to about 10 people to have their photo taken at once. Inside there was an RFID reader, a camera and a screen that would show what was being recorded, as well as showing a countdown for picture taking. Outside a large LCD screen showed recent and random pictures from the booth, encouraging participation. By touching your tag to a reader outside, you could see pictures of yourself.


Photos from the booth were also uploaded to Flickr and tagged with the people’s first name (see for example all the photos taken of me and the tag cloud of the names and IDs of people who used the booth most). This realtime Flickr stream appeared on the outside of the booth, where people stood around watching their recent creations, as well as seeing random photos where they or their friends appeared.


gesture based shortchuts on mobile

June 16, 2009 at 3:41 pm | Posted in interaction design, physical computing, technology | 1 Comment
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I guess after a long vacation of almost 15 days, i am publishing a new post. Ah!! going home feels toooo good.

I have always been fan of Adam Fischer/Kitchen Budapest’s work. I was just browsing around their website and i saw a nice exploration which i thought would be nice to share. Though it is not yet a product, but they have some future plans.

“we interact with mobile phones via 15-20 small buttons, which makes it extremely hard to reach certain functions. To write the word “hello” needs 15 button presses on an average mobile. We also need long keystrokes to find someone in the contact list with hundreds of names. Voice dialling has been available for many years, but it isn’t reliable at noisy places”

” we can define gestures by recording it a few times and selecting an action. Gestures are recognized by the computer and the action is sent to the mobile. It recognizes gestures with around 97% accuracy, using 10 different gestures. Future plans include implementing the recignizer application to the mobile phone, and building external hardware that works with older mobiles too.”

Interesting exploration & nice start!!

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