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May 17, 2009 at 4:58 am | Posted in creative | 2 Comments
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How if designers do not design & user only design their products. For sure, sometimes it ends up in mess, but an interesting experience for the user where she can design her own products. A project by Ars Electronica’s FABLAB explores the idea of “fluid forms”


“”Fluid Forms” takes an original approach to implementing the concept of user-generated designs. To accomplish this, a user-friendly tool has been developed that enables anyone to create an individualized lamp or jewelry: a punching bag.
This device is peppered with sensors. Force and position of each blow-and hugs as well-are transmitted to the computer model of the punching bag. Home-brew software then generates the production data for the object

The production is via 3D printing (selective laser sintering) that utilizes a laser and a powder mixture of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass. The laser heats the powder on precisely those points specified by the computer for the production of the lamp. In this way, the object is created layer by layer “

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