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June 3, 2008 at 4:41 am | Posted in interface design | 1 Comment
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i believe that card sorting is one of the most important exercise to to know more about the context. The project i am working on is about developing a low cost retail management system for small grocery (kiryana) shopkeepers. Now this is totally unknown field and it requires lot of research and findings about the context. During all research finding i came across a stage where card sorting became a necessary part. Now going to small shops, with a big sheet and lot of post-its, its total mess (trust me, i did it). So, i was looking at some methods where i can do online or may be a web based card sorting and i found out optimal sort. Have a look.

You can easily make your categories, sub categories etc. Just name them and put it on left side (see above image) You can drag and drop all the options to the main window and even define a new category by clicking and writing it.

Though there are some other ways of this type of card sorting. I think there was a discussion also on IXDA list on this topic.

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