TED’s overlook on Chris Hughes

June 24, 2009 at 8:04 am | Posted in ubiquitous computing | 1 Comment
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Its always interesting to see TED’s presentation as it always delivers innovative contents, speakers & some interesting talks to attend. Recently one talk by Chris Hughes created a lot controversy, where he showed a very basic (i really mean, its tooooo basic) Augmented Reality demo which anyone with not so deep knowledged person can present. Augmented Reality toolkit is open source and anyone can download and start using it.TED’s answer on it :

When Chris showed us the software off stage at TED, we jumped at the chance to show it to our audience, and swooped him up to the stage after a very short prep time”


See what people have reacted to his presentation.

Someone actually wrote:Wow Chris, how many lines did you actually write? Well done speaking at TED!”

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