Music in Images

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Arjun Gupta, a master student in Digital Media from Drexel University, Philadelphia PA sent a mail to Prof. Ravi Mokashi, which was later on forwarded to me to get some feedback on his thesis project called “music in images”, where algorithmic music composition is created from digital images. While going through the website, and uploading an actual image, it is really pleasant and worth using it. Arjun mentions

“It presents an approach where visual art (or visual data) is transformed into music art (or sound data) through the application of an algorithmic filter.

This project presents a new approach towards algorithmic music composition where the music is composed using the pixel values of digital images. The application makes use of image data, such as: pixel Color, Saturation, Brightness, and qualities like: Overall Image Brightness, Color Variation and Prominent Colors. The song attributes controlled by them include: Melody generation, Durations, Cord Generation, Chord Progression, Tempo,Scale and Transposition.”

Great going Arjun

thoughful acts!!

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Humans are intelligent animals (perhaps social also, but never thought about it). We see our surroundings, observe them and then modify them to complete our tasks. This post is about describing some of those intelligent modification only where we use our everyday life objects to complete some or the other tasks of us. Here are some of the example which might interest you and next time when we do, we for sure give a thought about it.

thoughful acts

thoughful acts 2

thoughtful act 3

understanding creative director :)

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Just now i was reading core77, interesting article on understanding creative director. Article only showed an image on the page, which i guess was more than enough to explain what they wanted to show. It is a core toon developed by core77. Here it is,


It is fun to watch. Cheers!!

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