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July 18, 2008 at 5:01 pm | Posted in interaction design, interface design | Leave a comment
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aaqua is a website for the development of the farmers of India. Currently it serves 3 states of India and expanding more. The basic idea of aaqua is to answer the questions regarding pesticides, soil, weather informations, disease etc of farmers of different regions of the country. I was looking at the website and come across some interesting interaction design issues.

Above image is home page of “aaqua – mini” which says its a mobile version of “aaqua”. After getting inside “aaqua mini”, you can search for any keyword. I just tried searching for pesticides and something popped up like this :

Here i do not understand the significance of leaving the bottom space and giving pagination like 1|2|3|4. It feels like they have not done proper utilization of the space. One more interesting thing i found out is,

Once you open some link which requires registration, you see a red colored statement saying ” warning – you have to login to access this feature” (shown in the above image). This seems very strange, something like it is trying to scare by saying “warning”, you have done some biggest mistake by clicking this link.

Though i appreciate the effort of connecting agricultural experts and farmers which helps them grow better. “aaqua” has been awarded two times.

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