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Last year, Forbes and Frog design jointly worked on a project of envisioning future in 2020. Here i am showcasing some concept that have created.

Shopping on the go!! In the future we won’t need big retail stores with aisles of objects on display. We’ll be able to shop out in the world. Do you like that new car you saw drive by? Or those cool shoes on the woman sitting across the room? All you’ll have to do is look at it and your mobile handset or AR-equipped eyeglasses will identify the object and look up the best price and retailer.

Bodynet!! Like Google for our bodies, future technologies will allow us to monitor our body’s vital conditions and compute the outcome of our actions on-the-fly. So you’ll know right away what it’s going to take to work off that Burger and Coke.

Whuffie meter!! Curious about the future of social networking? Whuffie is a conceptual social Metric based on what others think of you. Socializing will take on completely new dimensions when we can see everything public about a person right as we are talking with them. Think dating is difficult today? Imagine the hoops we’ll have to jump through when everyone in the bar can see your complete dating history the minute you walk into the room.

Now specially for the last one: Aren’t we getting too much into someone’s personal life. One of the fundamental of Ubicomp says, “technology should not overcome user”. But here it seems it does, no??

Natal – gesture based gaming by microsoft

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Gesture based interaction is next 10 years, for sure. Started from Sony (Nintendo Wii), Apple (iphone) & now its turn of Microsoft (Project Natal). Microsoft as come up with an extension of XBOX which is completely gesture based. Interesting thing is, it does not require any remote like Nintendo Wii & its works on a camera recognition which recognizes full body gestures.

   ” Natal is controller-free, using what looks like a TV-mounted camera/microphone bar to sense motion, sound, and even 3D movement, suggesting that the technology involved is far beyond that of products like Sony’s PlayStation Eye “

Design For Day After Tomorrow

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It is always interesting to know different perspective and views of different people about the context. Currently i was discussing different domains of interaction design with one of my friend and ended up talking about futuristic design and the term ended up saying “design for day after tomorrow“. I am still confused about the term, but interesting way of representing so called “future”.


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