gesture based shortchuts on mobile

June 16, 2009 at 3:41 pm | Posted in interaction design, physical computing, technology | 1 Comment
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I guess after a long vacation of almost 15 days, i am publishing a new post. Ah!! going home feels toooo good.

I have always been fan of Adam Fischer/Kitchen Budapest’s work. I was just browsing around their website and i saw a nice exploration which i thought would be nice to share. Though it is not yet a product, but they have some future plans.

“we interact with mobile phones via 15-20 small buttons, which makes it extremely hard to reach certain functions. To write the word “hello” needs 15 button presses on an average mobile. We also need long keystrokes to find someone in the contact list with hundreds of names. Voice dialling has been available for many years, but it isn’t reliable at noisy places”

” we can define gestures by recording it a few times and selecting an action. Gestures are recognized by the computer and the action is sent to the mobile. It recognizes gestures with around 97% accuracy, using 10 different gestures. Future plans include implementing the recignizer application to the mobile phone, and building external hardware that works with older mobiles too.”

Interesting exploration & nice start!!

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