The Good Men of India – Interaction Design Perspective

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One advantage of Facebook is a shared source of knowledge among people of similar interests, sometimes diverse interests as well. Having said that, a Newyork Times Article was often circulated across my newsfeed for several days. Anticipating something interesting, i read the article and came across an interesting representation of “persona” described by a new reporter.

The article gives a realistic view on not so publicized side of Indian men. Interesting article, and perhaps many wise people can provide more detailed analysis of the article from journalism, cultural, social etc. perspective.

The paragraph which strikes the most is where the Common Indian Male is explained through various cultural, social and behavioral aspects. The paragraph may not have been intended to explain a persona – a theory which Interaction Designers often use to detail the target users, but without any doubt, a very detailed yet compact persona of Common Indian Male is explained in this article. Here is what is says,

“Common Indian Male, a category that deserves taxonomic recognition: committed, concerned, cautious; intellectually curious, linguistically witty; socially gregarious, endearingly awkward; quick to laugh, slow to anger. Frequently spotted in domestic circles, traveling in a family herd. He has been sighted in sari shops and handbag stores, engaged in debating his spouse’s selection with the sons and daughters who trail behind. There is, apparently, no domestic decision that is not worthy of his involvement.

There is a telling phrase that best captures the Indian man in a relationship — whether as lover, parent or friend: not “I love you” but “Main hoon na.” It translates to “I’m here for you” but is better explained as a hug of commitment — “Never fear, I’m here.” These are men for whom commitment is a joy, a duty and a deep moral anchor.

At its excessive worst, this sensibility can produce annoyances: a sentimentalized addiction to Mummy; concern that becomes judgmental and stifling; and a proud or oversensitive emotional landscape.”

A good example to be used in my Interaction Design courses!!

Coming IXDA 2011

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All of you who are interested in Interaction Design, Research, new innovation, design strategy etc., you will find a good blend of all at IXDA 2011. This time it is happening at Boulder, Colorado. Interesting programs, workshops and a good line up of speakers that includes Bill Verplank, Brenda Laurel, Bruce Sterling, Eric Hersman, Jason Bruges, Richard Buchanan, Lisa Strausfeld. Will wait for the videos!!

Here you can find the details

GUI based app inventor for andriod!!

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Recently andriod team has developed and given a preview of “app inventor for andriod” on the web. Interesting part of this application is, the development seems to have made easy through a graphical user interface, where user really does not need to have programming knowledge. It also allows to use all capabilities of phone like accelerometer, text to speech etc.

Though it is not yet there to download, but for sure looking forward to play with it!!

intel aims to redefine computing experience

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On 30th June, 2010 Intel Corporation Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner announced a new research division, called Interaction and Experience Research (IXR), that is focused on defining new user experiences and new computing platforms. The innovations coming out of the labs are expected to help re-imagine how we will all experience computing in the future.

“Better technology isn’t enough these days,” said Rattner. “What the individual values today is a deeply personal, information experience. When I look ahead, this is the biggest change in computing I see coming. At Intel, we’ve been building up our capabilities in the user experience and interaction areas for over a decade. We’ve recently assembled an outstanding team of researchers consisting of both user interface technologists and social scientists to create the next generation of user experiences. We’ve learned, for example, that the television experience isn’t the same thing as the Web experience, even though more and more TV will be delivered via the Internet. Browsing the Web at 10 feet is an experience few people relish, but television experienced via the Internet is a huge step beyond broadcast.”

Press Launch

sketching electronics

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So, designer community relies very much on sketching their concept and developing it. Personally as a designer, i also agree with it. Sketching elaborates your thinking, helps you to visualize your concept and improve upon it. But if we talk specifically about interaction design, there is another term which is perhaps much more important than a normal sketching, is “sketching hardware/sketching electronics”. If we see projects/case studies, interaction design deals very much with the technology (or my opinion is, interaction design can not be imagined without technology). In recent years, prototyping/sketching hardware/sketching electronics has become a very important part of interaction design process. For interaction designers, i feel sketching hardware is essential to prototype concept and evaluate it. It is said that “thinking too much can be more damaging than building too much”. If we see companies like IDEO, Frog Design, Droog Design etc. they have specifically hired people for prototyping, which is very much essential to learn for interaction design students also. Recently i read an article on core77 about sketching hardware, which is worth sharing here.


image courtesy: mediamatic lab, amsterdam

2D barcode based navigation and information system

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Imagine yourself in a completely unknown place and you are looking for someone to meet. You take out your mobile phone, start GPS.. but GPS does not work because of not being into open place. Then you start your browser, wait for network to select, type in “google” but unfortunately network signal is weak, that option is also gone. Imagine the same situation becoming worst, when your phone does not even have GPS/internet facility to run google maps, what to do..where to go?

Here we are.. “2D barcode based information and navigation system”

Not only navigation but also information system using 2D barcode (like QR code, semacode, maxicode etc) designed and prototyped by Keyur Sorathia(Interaction Designer) & Dhairya Dand(Computer Science Expert). A research project exploring new possibilities on contextual navigation & information using almost any camera mobile phone and with just 50 paise print out.

Here, the scenario tries to explain every aspect of it, still we are mentioning some important points needs to be considered.

If we explain the process in simple steps:

start reader >> triggers your camera >> automatically fetches the data & shows on mobile screen

Some more points that are not mentioned in the scenario:

  • Technology is designed in such a way that, unlimited data can be stored and displayed
  • Detailed contextual information is displayed which never happens in GPS / google maps
  • Information can be displayed using all media of videos, images and text.
  • The system can be placed and used in any place
  • It requires only step interaction to call, send SMS, view website & mail

Currently we have a low fidelity prototype using Nokia N95 and looking forward to make a working prototype using other mobile phones.

Waiting for the comments 🙂

future search

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Though earlier i had posted some images of future search in my other blog “design for day after tomorrow“, but i thought i will post some ideas here also. Interesting ideas have been presented and i am really looking for to see that in near future.





Hope you will like it. Cheers!!

launch of my website:

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Since a long i was thinking to launch my website, which finally happened. I have launched my website showing some of my work, my interest areas, my hobbies, about my activities of what i am reading, which project i am looking at, my and my social network. Currently it is still in construction, but most of the part is working.


It would be interesting to see your feedback and some sugesstions.

lifetime achievement award to Bill

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Bill Moggridge received lifetime achievement award this year on 10th National Design Awards. I have not been to all his work, but i appreciate some of his work specially first laptop computer and for sure which interaction designer have not read Designing Interactions.


“Bill Moggridge is a co-founder of IDEO, a global design consultancy, creating impact through design. A Royal Designer for Industry, Moggridge designed the world’s first laptop computer. He pioneered interaction design and is one of the first people to integrate human factors into the design of software and hardware. He has been a trustee of the Design Museum; visiting professor in interaction design at the Royal College of Art in London, lecturer in Design at the London Business School and a member of the Steering Committee for the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, Italy. He is currently consulting associate professor in the design program at Stanford University. His book, DVD and Web site “Designing Interactions” tell the story of how interaction design is transforming our daily lives. “

come fly with us!!

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During my masters, course focused on several interesting design domains like designing for the quality of experience, physical computing, interactive installation & new modes of interaction. I was looking at some projects i did during my masters, so thought it would be good idea to show project name “come fly with us” which i did with Shadi Lahham & Soey.

It is a bunch of several car & bike games which were focused on new ways to interact. A gesture based game allowed people to move their cares & bikes on right side by moving right & left side by moving left. As more you jump, the car or bike gets accelerated. In addition to this, google earth was also installed which helped to navigate through google earth in an interactive way. TO move right on google earth, widen up your right hand, to zoom in-move it down, to zoom out-move it up. Similar way for left side.

Comments please!!

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