Embedded Interactions Lab (EILab)

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I completely forgot to post about the new lab that has been set up at department of design (DoD), IIT Guwahati. The lab has been set up few months back by me and we are in process of developing it. Though more details can be found at http://www.embeddedinteractions.com

i always wanted this!! firefox sync

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I have an office computer and my own laptop that i use it at home. Unfortunately, i always have to struggle for bookmarks, add-on etc. Though i used to have del.icio.us, but other features i used struggle for. But saw on mozilla firefox blog that firefox has come up with firefox sync that accomplishes the requirements i was look for.

“It makes your bookmarks, history, Awesome Bar intelligence, passwords, form-fill data and open tabs accessible from Firefox running on other computers and mobile phones. And unlike cloud services that use your data to track your travels throughout the Web for ad targeting or other purposes, Firefox Sync encrypts all of your data before sending it to the server. This means you do not have to sacrifice any privacy or control while still getting the convenience of ubiquitous access to your data using Firefox Sync.”

Currently it is available as add on for free, but with firefox 4.0, it will have inbuilt feature. Waiting to see more from firefox!!

eco-trash: concept iphone game

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Recently i was called to review a module of interaction design students of Industrial Design Center (IDC), on developing iphone games on several themes using iphone’s gesture based features like accelerometer, touch, multi touch etc. One of the groups worked on a theme “sustainability – save world”, name given for the game was “ECO-TRASH” which focused on keywords;

  • fun and rich media interaction
  • awareness
  • learning for children
  • recycling


This image shows a neatly designed logo for “eco-trash”.

eco-trash eco-trash

First image shows 4 trash representing metal, plastic, organic and glass. Tunnel shown on the top throws a trash, which is to be thrown in related trashbin using spring on the bottom.

Second image describes the condition when a player has thrown trash into wrong trashbin, which results in a new born worm, which slowly eats the spring.

eco-trash_4 eco-trash_3

Continuous mistakes leads to new born worm, resulting “game over”. If player does not do mistakes, he will end up growing a good looking tree and shown in second image.

At a concept level, it is a nice start and con be improved more. This concept was developed by Ishneet & Samiksha.

can metaphor be interactive?

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I don’t know whether i have articulated the heading properly, but the idea is “can we design metaphors which are interactive”. Here I am not trying to get into a core funda of interaction design of input-output, but trying to understand whether metaphors can be more communicative than interactive. Perhaps communication design is a proper word to describe it. But lets get to the point, recently i was watching a video of IXDA 2009 by Robert Fabricant from Frog Design, where i came across a really interesting example of sustainable speedometer. It is interesting to see how metaphor design can make a huge difference in communicating the concept.


I do not think i need to explain what is says. 🙂

the alloy!!

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the alloy looks at different concept of navigating through several application in a single mobile phone. Today we use number of application on our mobile phones, like games, GPS, sms, call etc. The question is how a mobile device can become more intuitive to help users understand to navigate through the application.

” Ultimately the target audience for the user interface is anyone who wants to use their mobile phone to do more in a more intuitive and user friendly way than allowed before. It is a phone that allows for older eyes and clumsier fingers as much as for the younger touch screen savvy generation. In this respect the 01 User Interface has significant cross over value and broad appeal that could be applied within any multi functioned mobile handset or multi media device ”


mozilla labs design challenge!!

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In collaboration with IXDA & Johnny Holland, Mozilla labs is encouraging a design challenge focused on “reinventing tabs in the browser – how can we create, navigate & manage multiple websites within the same browser instance”


“Tabs worked well on slow machines on a thin Internet, where ten browser sessions were “many browser sessions”. Today, 20+ parallel sessions are quite common; the browser is more of an operating system than a data display application; we use it to manage the web as a shared hard drive. However, if you have more than seven or eight tabs open they become pretty much useless. And tabs don’t work well if you use them with heterogeneous information. They’re a good solution to keep the screen tidy for the moment. And that’s just what they should continue doing.”

Interestingly they have a discussion forum where designs can be discussed & designers can also get feedback of the designs.

mobile users are mobile!!

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There is an interesting discussion going on IXDA mailing list about the context, situation and related activities we need to consider during mobile phone design. Mobile users are mobile. They are continously on the move, in different situation, different context (like personla space, bedroom, public toilets, movie theatre, meeting, wedding and many more) and for sure they have different behaviour according to the context they are in. Lots of things has been mentioned about it which is..

at a cafe/restaurant
in class/meeting
at airport
in line
in bathroom
in front of the television (ESPN mobile spike)
just before going to sleep (Google mobile spike)
upon waking up (HUGE portion of people using phone as alarm clock)

On the train/bus
Driving car

Light levels and impact on legibility
Cold weather (wearing gloves – not good for iPhone for example)
Speed of walking/running (impacts how mobile devices are carried/stored/used
Privacy (miniature cameras and cellphone cameras are now prohibited in my health club for example)
Size of hand (affect typing)
One handed use
Used for emergencies and design for emergencies
Serves as entertainment center (watch movies, listen to books, play games)
Facilitates interaction with particular people (smartbadges that glow when you approach someone with common interest).
Interaction with non-mobile devices or ambient systems



A mobile phone consists of almost everything including camera, music, games, GPS, connectivity, internet, information services and lot more, and behaviour towards these domain changes according to the context. But strange thing is, till now there is no context aware phone in the market which behaves according to the context of user.

An interesting animation representation of first couple chapters of Barbara Ballard’s “Designing the Mobile User Experience” can be seen here..

Lebere a Cena – interactive photography public installation in Brazil

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My classmate Ale Ceneviva (during my graduation) just now send me a link of his latest installation he did in Brazil about interactive photography. Lebere a Cene works on a concept of ” digital cameras and mobile phones, more and more people are not being spectators but content providers, showing themselves on web and other social platforms.

Libere a Cene brings this behavior  to the real world, to the city exploring new interaction modalities with the public and their personal content now exposed to all.

Pictures taken from the cell phone is send to a project in a support of 32m2 exposing themselves and releasing a scene.

Bravissimo Ale^..  🙂

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