Interactive installation to create awareness on energy efficiency and conservation

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As my first official module with Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Guwahati, in Dept. of Design, the project has been kicked off. It is the part of “Interactive Communication Project” and theme is based on “design and development of interactive installation to create awareness on energy efficiency and conservation”.

The complete module will be of 32 days, starting from the research to ideas & concept to prototyping. It looks like an interesting starting as energy conservation is one the critical part for country’s development.

Details of the project can be found here.

Lebere a Cena – interactive photography public installation in Brazil

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My classmate Ale Ceneviva (during my graduation) just now send me a link of his latest installation he did in Brazil about interactive photography. Lebere a Cene works on a concept of ” digital cameras and mobile phones, more and more people are not being spectators but content providers, showing themselves on web and other social platforms.

Libere a Cene brings this behavior  to the real world, to the city exploring new interaction modalities with the public and their personal content now exposed to all.

Pictures taken from the cell phone is send to a project in a support of 32m2 exposing themselves and releasing a scene.

Bravissimo Ale^..  🙂

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