calculate your little expenses – little spender!!

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Going through bank account details, it is easy to know big memorable purchases made, but it’s hard to determine how the little purchases have added up to such a figure. Here comes little spender, this year’s MEX winner.


“Little Spender has been designed with people like Xavier in mind, allowing him to add his expenses through micro experiences on his mobile device. Little Spender’s goal is to enable even the most casual of Little Spenders to see where exactly their hard-earned cash goes every month. Along with a bit of fun and simplicity along the way, they’ll hopefully save a little money too”

I guess, video will give more idea.

new gmail labs

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As you all might have seen a red color bold section in your gmail called “new gmail labs” which gmail announced on 5th June. While looking at those features, i found some very interesting and really needed. Lets check it out.

1. Quick links

Personally i like personalized application, and thats what gmail has done here. Though its not totally personalized, but for sure nice one. In “quick links”, you can make your customized links which is seen on the left side of the page.

Though i wish i could have more control, like i could hide option like spam, chat history etc which i never use and make my gmail more clean and focused on features i use. But still a nice one.

2. Superstars

In existing gmail, we can star some mail and give imprtance to that particular mail. Now how to categories those makred mail. Initially i thought there should be some option showing 5 stars and i can choose some stars according to the imprtnace of mail. For this reason, here comes superstars.

3. Fixed width fonts

Here you can view all mails in fixed width fonts. I feel its somehow incomplete. Because i always get frustrated when i have to change fonts and colors for each mails. I sent mails with “trebuchet” with light blue color. I always have to change those fonts and colors every time i write a new mail. The question is, why can not i make it default?

4. Mouse gestures

This is the one i like the most. I have always been into exploring new possibilities and modes of interaction. Here is find a new way of interacting with the content. I do not say its completely new, but in email domain i have not seen this sort of interaction. Here you use mouse gestures to go to next and previous mails, but right clicking and then moving mouse to left and right for previous and next mail respectively. I loved it.

There are more features though, but there were the one which i liked. 🙂


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I just added a friend on my orkut list. Though as an interaction designer i should know that feedback is vital thing in terms of IXD in any software or web. As soon as i sent a friend request i got a feedback message from orkut saying,

As an interaction designer we should know about the importance of feedback, but do users really understand or does it make any difference to them?? In a similar way, gmail also gives a pretty visible feedback. Like,

Telling you the fact, before pursuing interaction design i never noticed the yellow colored feedback given in Gmail. So, again the same question, does it make difference to users?? In my life, i have never used “undo” option in the feedback(see above image). Though i completely agree that it has to be there, but how many of users (lets try out of 10) use this feature?

Let me talk to some users. 🙂


first experience with “wordpress”

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This is first time i am using wordpress to blog. I used to have blogger account with the same name “towards better interaction”. Though it was about my projects done during my masters. 

When I started creating my blog, i thought of selecting a theme for my blog. Finding out different themes lead me towards one nice interface issue. After choosing a theme for my blog, i did not find the link to select it. 

The i finally came to know that – after choosing a theme, on the right side you get a small link (shown in the picture). Strange!!! One more strange thing is, when you see a list of themes in a window, you can not directly select a theme from that window. You need to choose one theme, it becomes enlarged and then you can click on the link to finalize it. (see image below)


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