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So.. whats the difference between new iphone 3G and iphone 2G. The first noticeable thing is its price. New iphone 3G 8Gb is of $199 and 16Gb is of $299. Other noticeable things are..

1. Changes to the interface structure are minimal. The screen flips accordingly with the phone. However, Apple still neglected to include a landscape mode for the onscreen keyboard.

2. In addition to onscreen keyboard, there are other features like multimedia texting, voice dialing, video recording, cut and paste, and the capability to purchase iTunes music over the 3G network are missing.

3. New iPhone 3G offers true GPS, which is significantly better than the previous model, which used triangulation via cell towers. The iPhone’s large touch screen gives its GPS functionality a significant leg-up over what is offered on other smartphones.

4. The iPhone 3G announcement was bulked up with a slew of new applications for the device. Some highlights include Sega, TypePad mobile blogging, and Cow Music, a neat program that lets you play various instruments on the phone as well as mix music.

5. The iPhone 3G is getting plenty of games under its belt. One called Super Monkey Ball responds to your movements. Expect more tap and tilt games going forward.

It will be released on July 11.

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