calculate your little expenses – little spender!!

June 23, 2009 at 6:45 am | Posted in interaction design, interface design | 3 Comments
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Going through bank account details, it is easy to know big memorable purchases made, but it’s hard to determine how the little purchases have added up to such a figure. Here comes little spender, this year’s MEX winner.


“Little Spender has been designed with people like Xavier in mind, allowing him to add his expenses through micro experiences on his mobile device. Little Spender’s goal is to enable even the most casual of Little Spenders to see where exactly their hard-earned cash goes every month. Along with a bit of fun and simplicity along the way, they’ll hopefully save a little money too”

I guess, video will give more idea.

gesture based shortchuts on mobile

June 16, 2009 at 3:41 pm | Posted in interaction design, physical computing, technology | 1 Comment
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I guess after a long vacation of almost 15 days, i am publishing a new post. Ah!! going home feels toooo good.

I have always been fan of Adam Fischer/Kitchen Budapest’s work. I was just browsing around their website and i saw a nice exploration which i thought would be nice to share. Though it is not yet a product, but they have some future plans.

“we interact with mobile phones via 15-20 small buttons, which makes it extremely hard to reach certain functions. To write the word “hello” needs 15 button presses on an average mobile. We also need long keystrokes to find someone in the contact list with hundreds of names. Voice dialling has been available for many years, but it isn’t reliable at noisy places”

” we can define gestures by recording it a few times and selecting an action. Gestures are recognized by the computer and the action is sent to the mobile. It recognizes gestures with around 97% accuracy, using 10 different gestures. Future plans include implementing the recignizer application to the mobile phone, and building external hardware that works with older mobiles too.”

Interesting exploration & nice start!!

the alloy!!

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the alloy looks at different concept of navigating through several application in a single mobile phone. Today we use number of application on our mobile phones, like games, GPS, sms, call etc. The question is how a mobile device can become more intuitive to help users understand to navigate through the application.

” Ultimately the target audience for the user interface is anyone who wants to use their mobile phone to do more in a more intuitive and user friendly way than allowed before. It is a phone that allows for older eyes and clumsier fingers as much as for the younger touch screen savvy generation. In this respect the 01 User Interface has significant cross over value and broad appeal that could be applied within any multi functioned mobile handset or multi media device ”


pirated innovations !!!

December 24, 2008 at 5:30 am | Posted in creative | Leave a comment

I was helping on one installation for  Nokia’s internal conference, i came across some very interesting pirated innovations (thats what i feel) which i am sharing here. The idea here is, how local companies use brand names.


This is one chinese phone costing around 4500 Rs. Interesting thing here is, a) it comes with one year warranty b) it gives one extra battery c) there is only one cord which is used for charging and tranfering data (as you can see in picture)


See how this company has used “apple” logo. (with a camera built in inside 😉


Similar way, a local radio company has used “Nokina” name. Interesting!!!


“memory card downloading done here”. Its a huge junk of all pirated things, like duplicate mobile covers, porn, movies, images, songs etc which gives 1GB of data in just 50 Rs. I am sure, all mobile firms must be wondering as they all are getting nto services now.


This is “JADU CHARGER” and it is a chinese product. It charges every mobile phone. You just have to take the battery out and charge it. and it costs just 40 Rs.

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