Interface Design of “Mumbai Navigator”

August 29, 2008 at 6:23 am | Posted in interaction design, interface design | 4 Comments
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As we had some discussions/comments (more comments i got on gtalk) on “Mumbai Navigator” about the interface, i am posting the flow of the application here. Though the flow i am showing here in not so much into detail, but enough to understand.

lets assume that user has to go from “andheri” to “mulund”. He can enter source and destination in the given column. By clicking on options, it gives you a list of options which you can select. So, here user an select buses and trains to desired soruce and destination. Also, if user wants he can enter a bus number or train name to find the route of that bus or train.

Here, we will assume that user clicks on “find buses”. He will get the list of buses and their approxi. time from “andheri” to “mulund”. he can click on the desired bus to ckeck the route of the bus. As shows i the above image, if user selects “425 ltd” then he will the route of “425 ltd”.

If there are some buses which directly do not go from andheri-mulund, but one has to change the bus, then user can select an option called “buses with 1 change”.

As user selects “buses with 1 change”, in the current scenario he gets the list of buses with 1 change which is “andheri-sakinaka-mulund”. User can select the option and get list of two routes shown in the above image. then user can get the bus numbers by selecting “andheri to sakinaka”.The user flow might seem a bit long, but the data given by client is huge as there are large number of buses in Mumbai with extra large number of station in it.

I am looking for some critics and inputs about the interface. Would love to get feedback about it.

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