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March 3, 2009 at 6:36 am | Posted in creative | 1 Comment
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Climate control, information and awareness has become a serious issue. Lots of people, presentation and events happening to increase awareness about it. Interestly, there is a nice application representing climate awareness through pigeons. It is called “pigeon blog”.

PigeonBlog provides an alternative way to participate environmental air pollution data gathering. The project equips urban homing pigeons with GPS enabled electronic air pollution sensing devices capable of sending real-time location based air pollution and image data to an online mapping/blogging environment. Pigeonblog is a social public experiment between human and non-human animals.”


(image taken from Pigeon Blog, representing the ongoing pigeon & environment data)

Pigeons are equipped with custom-built miniature air pollution sensing devices enabled to send the collected localized information to an online server without delay. Pollution levels are visualized and plotted in real-time over Google’s mapping environment, thus allowing immediate access to the collected information to anyone with connection to the Internet.

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