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July 30, 2008 at 4:43 pm | Posted in interaction design, interface design | 2 Comments
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One the step of google, i think there are lots of search engine application design is happening. Recently i heard that google engineers have started their own search engine and they claim that its much faster and accurate than google. Though i do not have screen shots of that, but i have just come across to some interesting search engines.

1. searchcloud

Interesting thing here i found out was, emphasize on the keyword. User can weight their keyword by given options in the website.

As shown in the image, i can give importance to some of the keyword which i like and search it accordingly. I would say an interesting way of looking search engines.

2. cuil

In addition to searchcloud another application i found was Cuil.

Under search column, there is small tag written say 121,617,892,992 web pages. Personally i liked the way they represented the data. Something like gmail says ” you email space is 6.873932930 GB and continuously updating”.

When searching for “interaction design”, in addition to topics related to interaction design, it also suggests some keywords, authors, people related to that domain. So in our case it shows human computer interaction,  usability, design, information architects and many more. I have not used it much, but one of my friend who used it says that interface is good, but search results are not satisfactory.

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