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Currently i am working on a project of developing mobile application on “sharing” in conjunction with IIT Bombay & Nokia. We have developed a prototype of designed application which i am sharing with you. The application is focused on

1. location sharing

2. media content sharing (like images, videos & music)

3. activity sharing – share what you do.

through a complete new interface of phonebook. The idea is to share above mentioned contents to your phonebook contacts. These contents are accessed through a 3D phonebook which is shown below. This application is a touch screen application.

3d_phonebook rotate_3d_phonebookrotating_3d_phonebook_2

Above images show developed 3D phonebook and my contacts. User can rotate the phonebook and customize it according to her priority. For example, user wants frequent call list to show first, she can customize it. In the images, ever horizontal circle represents a group of contacts & user can view the contact list through alphabetical order also through “option” menu.


When i tap on any contact, application shows me different option (top & then clockwise)

1. message    2. address     5. share     6. my access    7.more

Message, address, email & call are understood.


“Share” helps user to share her media contents with any contact. user can share music, images & videos to specific contact or with the entire group of contact.

My Access:

“My Access” is a complete new feature we have introduce. Here, user can go inside any contact and pick up some content. For example, i can go to any contact, go inside his phonebook/music/video etc. and take desired content if contact allows.


“More” helps user to see more information about the contact. Similar way, if user taps twice on the image, application gives more information about the contact. like first name, last name, mobile number, job title, company, birthdate and many more.

Location Sharing:


Location sharing helps user to see her contact’s real time location & permenant address if the contact permits. User can directly chat to the contact from this application itself. It also shows different routes from user’s location to contact location.

Media Sharing:

media_sharing media_sharing_21

User can share her media contents like images, videos and music with either individual contact or a contact group. The second screen shows the list of songs which can be shared. Here user can play the song and then share it if she wants as shown in the interface.

Activity Sharing:


User can share about her activity to all his contacts & groups. Activity shared by user is seen when someone calls her. (shown in the image below). These kind of sharing create a new topic of conversation.


here: “palash is in party mood”

Context aware application:

One important thing this application has is “context aware system”. It helps users to understand the context and act accordingly. For example, if some contact is in a meeting and puts his phone on “meeting” mode, system tells caller about his meeting. On the other hand, when contact becomes free, system notifies user that ” your contact is now free and you can call him.”


Like the above image, system tells user that “Megha is free now, call her”. User can directly tap on the message, which calls her.

There might be some changes in some interfaces. I am looking for some feedback from you guys. Cheers!!

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