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As IFID (Innovationsforum Interaktionsdesign) was trying to reflect the whole spectrum of interaction design and innovation, they needed the voice of a visionary. Who else than Bruce Sterling. Now when Bruce Sterling talks, you just shut up, listen and enjoy.
She came with some interest thoughts, as usual.

“A computer interface for everything in the world: that doesn’t sound realistic but that’s because i’m a visionary, it’s not my job to be realistic! Something like that is going to happen. It’s going to be difficult but you’re going to do it. And you will be getting a lot of money when you succeed in doing a part of it.”

Another one which i like the most is,
“Do i want to interact with my toothbrush? What’s the toothbrush of the future? A toothbrush that advertises that if you upgrade it you’ll get 20% more of the plaque removed. Nah! That’s boring. How about the new Apple iBrush? It takes pictures of the holes in my teeth and sends the images online. Do we want toothbloggers?” just great.. Actually my mind started running in that direction.

I want to be able to give a device (let’s make it a tablet) to a four year old boy and let him tour the world. He could go to downtown New Delhi. The tablet will book the plane trip, get him through the controls at the airport, order a special meal, play games, pay the taxi from the airport, book the hotel, bring him to favourite food places, etc. The tablet can do all that for him. It has biometrics so no one but the toddler can use the tablet. The tablet would send twitter messages to his mum every 15 seconds. It’s like he never left! And of course the device has geo-locative capabilities to tell her where her son is exactly. The kid doesn’t have to learn how to use it, doesn’t have to be careful, doesn’t have to be afraid to loose his passport or wallet.
There’s not many technical pieces missing! Only thing is that you don’t send a toddler to New Delhi.

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