mozilla labs design challenge!!

May 27, 2009 at 6:10 am | Posted in design fun, interaction design | Leave a comment
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In collaboration with IXDA & Johnny Holland, Mozilla labs is encouraging a design challenge focused on “reinventing tabs in the browser – how can we create, navigate & manage multiple websites within the same browser instance”


“Tabs worked well on slow machines on a thin Internet, where ten browser sessions were “many browser sessions”. Today, 20+ parallel sessions are quite common; the browser is more of an operating system than a data display application; we use it to manage the web as a shared hard drive. However, if you have more than seven or eight tabs open they become pretty much useless. And tabs don’t work well if you use them with heterogeneous information. They’re a good solution to keep the screen tidy for the moment. And that’s just what they should continue doing.”

Interestingly they have a discussion forum where designs can be discussed & designers can also get feedback of the designs.

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